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202 Beru workers remain in limbo

9 Jun

Workers at the Beru factory in Tralee remain in limbo this evening as they continue to wait on announcement on the plant’s future. Earlier, the staff in the Monavalley Industrial Estate factory were called into a meeting where they were told no decision has yet been made by the company.

At three o’clock yesterday afternoon manager of the Beru factory in Tralee, Paddy Lange, called workers into a meeting which had been scheduled since last week. It followed a cost evaluation of the companies operations in Tralee and at its Ludwigsburgh plant in Germany. The company, which makes blow-plugs for leading car manufacturers, employs 202 people, has been in Tralee since 1986.

In April 20 voluntary redunadancies were sought by the company and this was agreed to in recent weeks at the Labour Relations Commission. However, Mr Lange said a decision either way on the future of Beru in Tralee has not yet been decided upon by company management adding that another meeting may be called in the coming days.

Leaving the plant earlier, these workers were understandably on tenderhooks:

So the wait continues for the 202 staff at the Beru plant in Tralee.