Water Meter Installation to start in August

16 Jul

Work on installing water meters in Kerry is expected to begin next month. The county is among three areas selected to pilot the inspection process.

Surveying began in Kerry at the start of the year; this involves locating the stopcock and assessing the suitability of its location for the installation of a boundary box and meter. Seven inspectors are working to survey homes. At the end of June around 31 thousand properties were surveyed and there are approximately 21 thousand remaining.

Irish Water, the body established to roll out the metering programme, has divided the country into eight regions and up to four major contractors will be selected to carry out the works. The first of these contracts will be in Kerry.

Mayor Seamus Cosai Fitzgerald is to arrange for Junior Minister Fergus O’Dowd who has responsibility for the programme to address a meeting of Kerry County Council. Councillor Toireasa Ferris questioned if the people of Kerry will be billed before others as meters are to be installed here first. Director of Water Services Oliver Ring said that everyone will be billed at the same time and the advantage of having the meter is that people will know how much their bill is.

via Radio Kerry News


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  1. Random Punter (@RandomPunter_) August 27, 2013 at 10:33 #

    Beginning the week of September 9th, meters will be installed in the Oakpark area of Tralee. Following this water meters will be installed in the rest of North Kerry between now and Christmas, with water metering beginning in South Kerry in the New Year.

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