Kerry Stats from Census 2011

1 Jun

Newly published figures from Census 2011 appear to show a baby boom in Kerry, counteracted by emigration among young adults. The statistics on age profile show Kerry’s population increased 4.1% between Census 2006 and Census 2011 to 145,502 people.

In Kerry the big changes in age profile were among pre-school aged children and young adults. The population changes for the various age groups are displayed below:

  • Children up to the age of 4 increased by 13.5%
  • Young adults aged 19 to 24 decreased by 15.8%
  • Primary school children aged between 5 and 12 increased by 4.6%
  • There was no change in the secondary school age group
  • Adults aged 25 to 64 increased by 5.2%
  • The elderly, aged 65 and over, increased by 8.5%

People in Kerry are older on average than the rest of the country; the average age of the county’s population is 38.5 years, up almost 5 months since 2006; nationally the average age is 36.1 years. Census 2011 shows people in rural areas of Kerry are 1.2 years older than those in urban areas, and women are on average a year older than men.

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