Plan to freeze 108 hectares of zoned lands in Killarney

18 Oct

An Irish Town Planner’s Blog: Plan to freeze 108 hectares of zoned lands in Killarney.

A plan goes before the public in Killarney this week to freeze more than 108 hectares of land zoned residential in the current town development plan which was drafted during the boom.

Rezoning of lands by the town council proved highly controversial in the past decade.

Killarney has 133.5 hectares of land zoned for residential development, when it needs just over 25 hectares for realistic population growth of 2,000 people by 2016.

The town has enough land zoned residential to cater for almost six times its realistic population growth, planners have found after carrying out an assessment to bring local policy into line with national guidelines.

The planners have selected the 25.4 hectares which they say should be allowed to be developed over the next four years in what they designate as “phase one” development, and they are putting on display the 108 hectares they intend to freeze or lock down for the next four years.

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