Irish Times writer criticises planning in Kerry

13 Sep

The Environmental Editor of the Irish Times has criticised planning in Kerry. Frank McDonald says after a recent trip to the county, he witnessed unrestricted housing. There are 34,000 one off houses in Kerry which account for more than half the total housing stock.

He has also accused Kerry County Council of damaging the landscape, citing road widening coming into Dingle from the Conor Pass and what he calls ‘ugly’ concrete barriers at Coomakista. Mr McDonald hopes people will learn from their mistakes, but stops short of suggesting ghost estates should be bull-dozed to the ground.

Read original atricle @ The Irish Times

One Response to “Irish Times writer criticises planning in Kerry”

  1. 944634 September 13, 2011 at 22:33 #

    Well done for posting a very significant article on many aspects of Kerry’s built environment and the politics behind it. While the article highlights much of what we already know it is great to see it in the mainstream media. I would like to make one correction if I may: the concrete barriers themselves were not called ‘ugly’ just the “corrugated heavy-duty black PVC drains” which protrude above the surface of the road gulley.

    But I do agree that they are an eyesore and, more to the point, I agree that “because the road is now wider, motorists are prone to accelerate – making it more dangerous rather than safer.”

    It will be interesting to see how the Healy Rae’s respond…..

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