Former Mayor gets off lightly

1 Jul

The former Mayor of Killarney has been fined 5000 euro at Tralee Circuit Court. Patrick O Donoghue had pleaded guilty to seeking to influence the decision of Killarney Town Council in relation to the rezoning of land near his family owned Gleneagle Hotel.

In passing sentence Judge Carol Moran said that it was not appropriate to give Mr O Donoghue a prison sentence or even a suspended prison sentence. Judge Moran said the fact that Mr O Donoghue now has a criminal record and has publically resigned from Bord Fáilte and political life was punishment enough.

The former Fianna Fáil Cllr has one month to pay the 5000 euro fine.

Inspector Donal Ashe who investigated the case also accepted that at the time Patrick O Donoghue had acted with the mistaken but honest belief that he wasn’t doing anything wrong. Judge Moran also took the early guilty plea and Mr O Donoghue’s cooperation with the Gardai into account when handing down sentence.

Two character witnesses, Retired Garda Inspector John Leen and journalist and board Fáilte member Maureen Cairn-Duff spoke of Mr O Donoghue as an up standing man, with a wife and three young children. Testimonials from Ceann Comhairle John O Donoghue, hotelier Kay Randles and Mr O’Donoghue’s Parish Priest Fr McNamara were also submitted to the court.

via Radio Kerry News

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