Chairman of Cork Swansea ferry campaign to address Welsh Assembly

17 Apr

The chairman of the committee to restore the Cork Swansea ferry is to address the Welsh Assembly. John Hosford will address the Welsh parliament in May in a bid to win a grant for the service. He was invited to speak after the assembly was approached by a number Welsh members of the cooperative created to bring back the service.

The Cork Swansea ferry service ceased three years ago and it’s estimated to have cost the south west region 12 million (other estimates losses may be as high as €35m – €50m per year in Ireland and a similar sum in South Wales) in lost tourism revenue. The final stages of the acquisition of a ferry for the route are being agreed following a successful bid to raise three million euro for the service from among the Cork and Kerry business community.


2 Responses to “Chairman of Cork Swansea ferry campaign to address Welsh Assembly”

  1. Adrian Brentnall April 30, 2009 at 08:20 #

    Hi Dave

    Thanks for the publicity!

    A couple of points – John’s surname is Hosford, and the estimated loss to the region is many times the €12m that you quote – probably €35m – €50m per year in Ireland and a similar sum in South Wales.

    As always – visit our website for the latest news on the campaign

    Adrian – Campaign co-organiser

    • Dave Meehan April 30, 2009 at 09:13 #

      Thanks for that Adrian, I have updated the post accordingly

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