Jarveys not responsible for cleaning up horse dung

6 Mar

Jarveys are not responsible for cleaning up dung left by their horses. That’s according to the chairman of Killarney Jarvey Association, Patrick O’Sullivan. He was responding to the news that they won’t be allowed operate in Killarney National Park from June eighth next, unless their horses are equipped with dung-catching devices. Mr O’Sullivan says there’s no byelaw allowing the National Parks and Wildlife Service to bring in this regulation. Jarveys feel the dung catchers, which are used in other European countries, do not suit Killarney’s terrain and could be dangerous. Mr O’Sullivan says sweepers should be reintroduced instead.


Its a pity Mr. O’Sullivan doesnt come up with a suggestion for these “sweepers” will be paid, or how they will be able to cover the area that the jarveys do. And what is so different about “Killarney’s terrain”. Its not like you can get a jarvey to bring you up Carrantuohill!!


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  1. Kieran March 6, 2009 at 13:46 #

    That’s a good one!

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