Jackie Healy-Rae shows true colours

26 Feb

Deputy Healy Rae votes for pension levy

South Kerry Independent Deputy Jackie Healy Rae has voted with the Government in favour of the public sector pension’s levy despite calling for it to be reconsidered just two weeks ago. Deputy Healy Rae was the first Government backing TD to call for the pension levy to be reviewed, branding it unfair. Deputy Healy Rae says he has received a direct commitment from the Minister for Finance to review the levy on the lower paid workers. He says he had to vote for the levy because of the agreement he has with the Government. The independent Deputy has this to say to lower paid public service workers.

True to form, he shows up at the opening of an envelope claiming it was on his list from Bertie, makes public statements condeming the government and then goes and votes for the very thing he was complaining about two weekks earlier.

Wont be getting my vote!


One Response to “Jackie Healy-Rae shows true colours”

  1. Dan Sullivan February 27, 2009 at 20:06 #

    Sure you couldn’t be up with these Healy Raes, they’re all the colours of the rainbow one minute and invisible the next.

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