The search is on for a new Killarney car park

12 Feb

It’s hoped Killarney will have a new car park in the near future. The town council is also planning to upgrade existing facilities. The local authority is looking at plans for short and long term parking. Killarney is once more looking for more car parking spaces within the town and at this month’s monthly meeting of Killarney Town Council town officials said that a number of locations were being looked at including a site on Muckross Road, the Torc and Park Road, Monsignor Flaherty Road and the Glebe car park.

While many Councillors said the Torc site was not a runner most support came for an in-town facility. This view was shared by Councillor Brian O’Leary, while Councillor Donal Grady said the Park Road site should be considered as a bus park. Town Clerk Michael O’Leary said many options would have to be taken into consideration like the capital cost and the amount of capital available. Talks on the issue of further car parking facilities for Killarney is continuing and a full report will be finalised for the March meeting of Killarney Town Council.

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