Healy-Rae refuses to state position over education cuts

28 Oct

Jackie Healy-Rae has refused to say whether he’s prepared to withdraw support from the Government over education cuts. The South Kerry Independent TD is not saying what he will do if the Government stand firm over the cuts announced in the Budget. He’s meeting Education Minister Batt O’Keeffe next week. Deputy Healy-Rae says he’s not happy with the increase in class sizes and the ending of substitute cover for uncertified sick leave. He says schools in South Kerry will lose teachers under the present proposals.

Meanwhile the South Kerry deputy claims he and fellow independent TD Michael Lowry played a key role in the Government’s decision to make concessions on medical cards for the over 70s. No doubt he will also claim responsibility for the Government pulling back the Education cuts, but as usual we will have no proof. Its time for Jackie Healy-Rae to go out on a limb and stake his claim, BEFORE the result is announced.

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