3km landslide disrupts North Kerry

24 Aug

Motorists are being advised that the Kielduff – Reanagowen road is closed due to a landslide which began on Friday evening. Four people are trapped in their homes outside Tralee.

The landslide which is reportedly up to 16 feet deep in places has blocked a cul de sac road leading to two homes at Ballincollig Hill, Kielduff as well as the river Glasoreag, a tributory of the River Feale. Kerry County Council says the excess rain recently has caused the bog to slide and is monitoring the situation.

Two Bridges have been engulfed following the bogslide in the Kielduff area. Kerry County Council is monitoring the situation and attempting to prevent the landslide which has reportedly flowed up to 4 kilometres, from reaching bridges further downstream.
The locally known Macca road is closed and access to two homes has been cut off. Its understood representatives from the National Parks and Wildlife Service, the Shannon Regional Fisheries board and the Environmental Department of KCC have visited the scene.

Kerry County Council is advising people in the following areas to boil their water due to contamination of the Smearla river as a result of the bogslide: Lyrecrompane to the Six Crosses to Listowel Bridge to Duagh.


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  1. mairin kelly August 27, 2008 at 21:37 #

    Its more than the fish and the rivers that have been badly affected due to this bogslide. I don’t hear anyone talking about the destruction of the bog itself. Our bogs are a huge carbon store- windfarm companies trying to install turbines on deep peat, as in this case, actually cause huge amounts of environmental damage with all the drainage of the bog required. The developer must be held responsible and sued for habitat destruction and for carbon emmissions under Kyoto. This is a carbon copy of what happened in Derrybrien in 2002- when will we learn the lesson- deep peat is unstable and totally unsuitable for installations such as windfarms. Lets value our bogs and put the turbines out to sea, if we must have them!

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