Jessie Buckley to preform live at Tralee

20 Aug

Jessie will be performing on the 26th August in Tralee and it will be broadcasted as part of the Millionaire Raffle on RTE 1 at 8:55pm.


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  1. jackie perkins August 31, 2008 at 14:00 #

    Dear Dave,
    I write in the hope that you could help with more information re.Jessie Buckley and her performance at Tralee Festival last Tuesday.The news that she was to perform,though hugely welcome, came very late for many of in the u.k to get there in time!RTE failed to broadcast her superb 30 min gig-Do you have any idea how the gig can be seen online,was it filmed by RTE…it seems it was(I have contacted them also.) Also if you have any links to interviews (i have one already of Jessie at the hotel) or photographs ,it would be really appreciated.I was gutted I didn’t make it…all flights outward bound full!
    thanks in advance,

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