Taxi Offices banned from Killarney

29 Jul

Taxi offices are to be banned from Killarney town center, along with take away outlets and sex shops. The new draft development plan for Killarney now lists adult shops, taxi offices and takeaway food outlets as non-conforming retail developments and as such no new outlets of these types will be allowed in Killarney. The motion was overwhelmingly passed recently by Killarney Town Council.

Seems to me like a protectionist monopoly situation, especially the fast food outlets. There aren’t that many of them in town as it is to begin with, now those that are already in situ will have no fear from new competition. I think a better solution would be to grant planning for the fast food outlets on the basis that they close at a certain time.

As for the taxis, obviously none of the councilors voting have ever tried to get a taxi at 3am on a Friday or Saturday night. And the sex shops, well thats another matter…

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