Standards in Public Office Commission concludes hearing.

27 Mar

The Standards in Public Office Commission hearing into alleged breaches of ethics by two Killarney Town Councillors with regard to the rezoning of land owned by the family of one of the two councillors has concluded. The commission hopes to have a report published on the results of todays evidence within the next few weeks. Senior Council for the Standards in Public Office Commission, Maurice Collins says it is up the commission to decide the degree to which the Local Governement Act has been contravened.

Mr Collins said the fact that everyone at the sitting of Killarney Town Council knew of Councillor Patrick O Donoghues interest in the lands to be rezoned was not a defence for not disclosing the nature of his interest. Mr Collins said it was clear the Mayor Sheila Casey had an interest, by being an employee of the Gleneagle Group, whether that interest was material is up to the commision to decide. Mayor Sheila Casey said she did not wish to comment until the findings of the report were

link: Radio Kerry News

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