Scartaglen Post Office to reopen

5 Mar

There’s good news for the people of Scartaglen. They’ll no longer have to travel to Castleisland for the nearest post office, as local businessman Michael Daly is set to take up the reigns as Scartaglen Post Master. Mr Daly, who runs Daly’s Texaco Filling Station in the village, will open the post office on March 26. Scartaglen residents have been without a post office since last August. Anna McHugh of An Post says it’s hard to find the right person to run a post office


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  1. Kathleen Sheehan July 24, 2007 at 14:08 #

    Dear Mr. Daly, I know this is a strange request however… I’m Mary Murphy’s cousin of Scartaglen. I’ve been trying to speak to my cousin, Mary, and finding it impossible to get the city number. I was wondering if you could help me with your the city number of Scartaglen? I have the city numberas 66, which is incorrect. My trail has dried up here in Boston, USA. I would be thankful in everyway if
    you help me. Thankyou in advance and best wishes as the new Post Master! Kathleen Sheehan

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